Wax Remover

High tech chemical remover for Rigidax and casting waxes.

  • SP-28 Wax remover / dewaxer

    SP-28 Wax Remover

    SP-28 Is the most effective and cost efficient way to remove wax that we know of.  It is much safer to use than other dewaxing products, is considered non-hazardous, and can be shipped by normal UPS.  SP-28 can be used on multiple parts and can...

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  • BioAct 280 Wax Remover BioAct 280 Wax Remover

    BioAct 280 Wax Remover

    Price shown is for the 36 pound bucket.  Call us for a quote on the 400 pound barrel. BioAct must be warmed close to the melting point of the wax to work effectively.  It will hold 40% of it's weight in wax before it is considered exhausted...

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